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BeamNG.tech is a versatile and comprehensive simulator with a custom physics engine made in house. It can serve as an effective backend for driver’s training applications, or a scenario-based testing environment for autonomous driving applications. No matter its purpose, we provide users with vehicle models, assets, and a diverse selection of rural and urban themed maps to suit a range of needs. Additionally, our vehicle models are highly customizable and able to match any vehicle layout, with a plug-and-play style of component assembly for agile experimentation.

We Provide

Soft-Body Physics

Our bottom-up physics model allows for the most accurate simulation of challenges the everyday driver may face. The soft-body physics demonstrates various instances that aren’t really found in other real time simulators. This includes much more accurate driving dynamics, including weight distribution and force propagation, as well as an extremely detailed damage model that even allows for the simulation of broken or faulty parts.

We offer

Tailored Solutions

We don’t sell equipment; we partner directly with researchers and institutions to personally develop the ideal autonomous vehicle research tools for their needs. As a result, your evaluation, research, and analysis are taken to the next level, no matter which area of the driving or transportation experience you focus on.

Areas of Application

ADAS & Autonomous Driving

Model-in-Loop (MIL) Testing

BeamNG.tech is a versatile platform that can be used for model-in-the-loop (MIL) testing with a high degree of adaptability and customization.

Virtual environments featuring roads, traffic signs, and vehicles are a focal point of the faster than real-time simulation. MIL testing is supported by our BeamNGpy library as well as our detailed vehicle subsystems simulation.


With BeamNGpy library you have an easy-to-use automation tool at your disposal. The library is completely open source and is continuously maintained and extended by our developers.

Integration of BeamNG.tech into any development framework is easy and supports validation- & verification-based development through its scenario-based approach.


BeamNG.tech provides a comprehensive simulated environment for data acquisition.

The process is alleviated by the open-source Python interface for which we provide a variety of sensors (camera, Lidar, IMU, ultrasonic, and more) with support for ground truth (instance annotations and bounding boxes for camera data).

Vehicles & Drivetrain

We offer a wide range of vehicles that are highly detailed and configurable, with realistic driving dynamics systems. The behavior is easily customizable using your own Lua extensions, resulting in fast development iteration times.

Customization is easy regardless of the type of vehicle. Whether it’s a rear-wheel drive, all-wheel drive, or an electric vehicle, our technology allows users to quickly define the drivetrain in a plug-and-play manner.

Driving Simulation

Soft-body Physics

The BeamNG physics engine powers one of the most detailed and authentic vehicle simulation models on the market.

Every component of a car is simulated in real-time using nodes (mass points) and beams (springs). Crashes feel visceral, as the software uses an incredibly accurate damage model.

Traffic Simulation

Autonomous driving training and testing can be supported by using traffic simulation in any environment, whether it be city, desert, or racetrack.

BeamNG.tech also supports triple monitor setups which automatically increase the FoV of a driver. Having a triple monitor and motion platform support enhances driver awareness and guarantees a greater immersive driving experience.

Customization & Automation

We offer a range of editors for scenario and level creation and customization. Our World Editor allows for quick adjustments of existing levels to match given product requirements and to add additional assets. Vehicles have their own dedicated editor where existing vehicles can be adapted to your needs.

For those unfamiliar with programming, we provide FlowGraph editor, a visual scripting based tool for easy scenario development.


BeamNG.tech offer 12 beautiful, hand-crafted, open world environments with hundreds of miles of roads to explore. Users get the opportunity to experience realistic driving on a variety of surfaces spanning from city centres with complex lane layouts to rural villages to highways in rural environments, that can be used to implement educationally valuable traffic scenarios for the students.

Why Choose Us

BeamNG.tech offers our renowned real time soft-body physics with a comprehensive, expandable platform. It comes equipped with a vast selection of environments, vehicles, and scenarios that are widely customizable for many research and development needs. With copious vehicle metrics, simulated vehicle cameras with ground truth data, a lidar with configurable features, and more, BeamNG.tech can significantly reduce production costs and push innovative research initiatives further.


We are always focused on the latest advancements in simulation software and data science. Our soft-body physics engine enables true-to-life vehicle behavior and comprehensive feedback for a wide range of applications.


Our simulation software has received overwhelmingly positive reviews and feedback, and we are eager to apply acquired expertise to industry and academia partners through carefully crafted solutions.


BeamNG.tech provides services to over 30 clients globally. Just like the development team, our users come from a wide range of cultural and geographical backgrounds.

Our software is used across the globe

Technical Paper


Simulation platforms are critical components for the evaluation and development of driver’s training applications and intelligent algorithms for advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS). Driver’s training applications are supported by an immersive simulation environment that can easily be adapted by the distributor to match the desired user interface and vehicle type. ADAS researchers and developers use BeamNG.tech as a platform for model-in-the-loop testing and development. BeamNG.tech stands out among the several available driving platforms through its custom soft-body physics engine, detailed modeling of the vehicle subsystems, and high degree of adaptability. The soft-body physics approach allows to faithfully simulate the kinematic properties of our vehicle models and leads to a realistic replication of their driving behavior. The modding system allows anyone to customize various components of the simulation, be it the vehicle models, assets, scenarios, or the user interaction. Together with our diverse set of levels, these properties make BeamNG.tech the ideal platform to develop ADAS as well as highly realistic driver’s training applications.

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