We have been collaborating with schools and universities across the globe by providing our free software simulation. It does not matter whether you are working on a student project, using BeamNG.tech as teaching materials or conducting industry-related research. We provide our solution to anybody who loves to gain deeper knowledge in driving simulation with soft-body physics engine. Our mission is to simply give the opportunity to gain hands-on engineering experience and to expand your skills and add to your knowledge.

We are also open to sponsorships for research-related events. Feel free to contact our team on tech@beamng.gmbh.

Eligibility to apply:

  • Currently enrolled in college, program, course, school, class, etc. or
  • Currently working as academic staff in a research institute, college, school, etc. (e.g. professors, lecturers, research assistants etc.)
  • Your usage and content comply with BeamNG Terms & Conditions in the Academic License Agreement (this will be sent after your application has been approved)

How to apply:

  • Send us your application through register.beamng.tech by using your professional/academic email address as proof of eligibility.

In case you already have BeamNG.tech license for Academia but it will be expiring soon, please send us an email to licensing@beamng.com using the following subject line: BeamNG.tech for Academia renewal (state your full name and email address which you previously applied with).