ROS release and improved IMU sensor.

We are happy to finally announce the latest 0.24 update with some exciting new features, quality of life updates, a dash of graphics improvements, and a few physics changes.

As always, the v0.24 release includes all the cool features of Check the full report on the release. However, the main changes are:

  • mission system
  • changes in the World Editor
  • PBR Update For Levels
  • vehicles remaster
  • major revamp of the entire User Interface

On the side, we released ROS support which is a very popular tool in autonomous driving. It is an open source framework/middleware for robotic applications. It handles logging, errors, communication, etc. and provides algorithms for perception, navigation and path planning. On top of that it provides tools for visualization, simulation and analysis. In short, ROS allows the user to integrate and coordinate the software with their own software or other tools.

We also fixed the functions of IMU sensor so now users can obtain more accurate data about rotational acceleration of and forces acting on the unit. BeamNG Tech provides a simulated version of such units that can be attached at arbitrary points of the vehicle. Contrary to their real life equivalent, these units are weight- and formless, meaning they have no impact on the driving behavior and are invisible.

Here is our changelog:


  • released ROS on Github which supports interoperability for
  • as of now the BeamNG ROS integration supports one package for the remote control of the simulation platform and one package for the control of a driving agent. A third package manages custom messages.


  • fixed IMUs not including gravity
  • fixed IMUs including forces from surrounding nodes

Our new Tech team is working on more cool features and updates so stay tuned for the next release!